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Rome Hotels

Welcome! You have a choice of many selected hotels, which are all online bookable. Every hotel is accompanied with photo's, descriptions, location and our rates are always the lowest available.

A selection of hotels in Rome
Hotelname Rating Lowest rate
Hotel Ambasciatori Palace Rome5 starsEuro 280.00
Hotel Residence Barberini Rome5 starsEuro 319.00
Hotel Forum Rome4 starsEuro 138.00
Quirinale Hotel4 starsEuro 230.00
Hotel Palatino Rome4 starsEuro 127.00
Nova Domus Hotel & Suites4 starsEuro 110.00
River Palace Hotel4 starsEuro 130.00
Hotel Ludovisi Palace4 starsEuro 120.00
Hotel Empire Palace4 starsEuro 247.00
Grand Hotel Tiberio4 starsEuro 201.00
Hotel dei Consoli4 starsEuro 130.00
Hotel Savoy Rome4 starsEuro 150.00
Hotel Valadier Rome4 starsEuro 100.00
Villa Morgagni4 starsEuro 120.00
Stendhal Hotel4 starsEuro 181.00
Hotel Mascagni4 starsEuro 105.00
Grand Hotel Beverly Hills4 starsEuro 147.00
Hotel Astoria Garden3 starsEuro 68.00
Hotel Mozart Rome3 starsEuro 119.00
Hotel Britannia Rome3 starsEuro 110.00
Tulip Inn Roma Globus 3 starsEuro 95.00
Hotel Villafranca3 starsEuro 124.00
Condotti 29 Palio Bianco Suite3 starsEuro 110.00
Hotel Dorica3 starsEuro 105.00
Hotel Del Corso3 starsEuro 75.00
Hotel Des Artistes Rome3 starsEuro 98.00
Hotel Romae Rome3 starsEuro 60.00
Hotel delle Muse3 starsEuro 67.00
Fontana hotel Rome3 starsEuro 180.00
Hotel Miami3 starsEuro 60.00
Fellini B&B3 starsEuro 70.00
Budget B&B - Historic centre Rome3 starsEuro 50.00
Hotel Aphrodite Rome3 starsEuro 60.00
Hotel Santa Maria Rome3 starsEuro 130.00
Julia3 starsEuro 90.00
Hotel Italia Rome2 starsEuro 52.00
Hotel Fiorini2 starsEuro 70.00
Hotel Harmony2 starsEuro 50.00
Hotel Planet2 starsEuro 55.00
Hotel Gabriella Rome2 starsEuro 80.00
Hotel Gabriele1 starsEuro 55.00

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